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Steps for New Student Athletes

Important: There are 2 steps to pay two separate Fees. do not skip Step 4.



This step can be done anytime for Middle School and High School students. 

E-mail the following information and any questions you have to one of the Team Managers below and we will get back to you promptly: 

  • Student Name

  • Student Grade Fall 2023

  • High School attending or "zoned for"

  • Parent Name

  • Parent email

  • Parent Phone Number

If you are attending or are zoned for Greenville High School, email Ashley Maness:

If you are attending Christ Church, email Rob Howell:

For the rest of Greenville County, email Meg Fogleman:


All student athletes must sign up in NICA Pit Zone, this is a league requirement. 

Register the Student Athlete and Parent/Guardian in Pit Zone. 

Pay your NICA League Fees by clicking on the Pit Zone icon below. The Pit Zone is open as of 4/01/2024.

NICA League Fees Explained: Event production costs, including timing systems, venue fees, registration processing, race materials, league-wide programming, league-wide planning & communication.



Sign Up for Stack Team App! What is Stack Team App you ask? It is a team platform where you receive news and information about your team like events, races and practices, reminders about key dates in your team calendar and you can chat with coaches and athletes and ask questions. This is where you will RSVP for your practices and/or races (if you decide to race). You can send Group or "one to one" private messages, share photos and videos and even sell your vintage bike. Once you have downloaded Stack Team App, look for your Team: Greenville County MTB.




After you are registered in Pit Zone and your NICA League and Race fees are paid, you will be required to pay your Shredders Team Dues - $125. Shredder team dues are used for coach training and certifications (Wilderness First Aid, First Aid/CPR), safety equipment for rides, equipment for practices. If you have more than one athlete, you get a discount: $125 for the first athlete, and $105 for each additional child you register. 

NOTE:  If you are not a fan of online payment processing or simply want to help us save online processing fees, and you prefer to send a check, please make your check payable to: 


Upstate Shredders

Attn: Louise Edge

116 Rockwood Drive

Greenville SC 29605

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